About Team Big Iron

About Team Big Iron:

Typically when you sign up for a gym membership, you are left with no set of instructions. You either have the option of paying a personal trainer thousands of dollars a month (who oftentimes doesn’t even practice what they preach), or you are left scouring the internet with so much conflicting information you are ultimately left more confused than when you started. 

Even if you do hire a personal trainer, or do happen to find a good workout program somewhere on the web, that doesn’t even cover the biggest factor to your success of all—your nutrition! There are so many people who go to the gym on a regular basis, but ultimately never see any real results—and oftentimes it is due to their nutrition being out of alignment with their goals. The reality is, many people have good intentions, but ultimately are doing all the wrong things when it comes to their diet.

Luckily for you, we have created a solution for all of this. So save your money, and don’t hire that fugazi personal trainer—and while you’re at it, stop wasting your time reading articles that ultimately are just trying to sell you something. At Team Big Iron, we are a collective of both trainers and coaches who don’t just have the knowledge, but also have extensive practice in application! With multiple professional athletes on our team, you can trust that we have the knowledge necessary to help you take your physique as far as you want to go. Whether you just want to lose a few pounds, get ripped for a vacation, compete in a strength sport, or one day step on stage as a professional bodybuilder—we can help you do that! Our method will synergize both cutting edge nutrition principles along with the best and most up to date training methods to help you reach your goal as fast and efficiently as possible.  

What all comes with the program? 

Being a part of Team Big Iron means you will get:

-custom nutrition plan (with weekly accountability check-ins/adjustments)

-custom training plan (which rotates to keep things interesting)

-daily team workouts (either in-person at one of our locations, or virtual through our members only site)

-quarterly team building events 

-team gear (reserved only for those enrolled in the program)